Launch of the AVSTS Research Cooperative

The AVSTS is proud to be launching an exciting and unique new venture

 the AVSTS Research Cooperative (ARC) 


Very few, if any, individual practising vets have the “full set” of qualities required – research ability, time, money and suitably high case-load – to plan and execute good quality and timely clinical research studies, and hence the problem of a lack of good quality clinical evidence perpetuates. Within the AVSTS membership as a whole there exists an abundance of all that is needed to produce excellent clinical research – ideas, enthusiasm, research expertise, and clinical cases. The ARC aims to harness the individual skills and energy contained within the AVSTS membership as a whole, to facilitate the production of good-quality multi-centre veterinary clinical research that is of great relevance to our members. 

To find out more go to our members section and click on the AVSTS Research Cooperative or contact Ian Nicholson if you have any questions or comments.